About Us

Nationwide REO Asset Services is a very unique company with over 15 years experience in negotiating and buying assets from banks, wholesalers, foreclosure specialists and liquidation companies at a discounted price. We have also built relationships with key individuals over the years for a competitive edge in locating and moving assets using the best interest rates, programs and grants available. We specialize in obtaining quality assets and utilizing the right lender for our clients.

Our ability to buy non-performing assets and then work diligently to “make them perform” by bringing them back to the marketplace at a desirable price, is what sets us apart. This strategy and method of investing enables us to pass savings on to our clients. One of our most unique practices is that we continue to work with our clients beyond the acquisition phase in order to ensure continued results. A well managed investment, after its purchase, is the key to our success and what has stood at the foundation of our solid business relationships. Strategies for investors and home owners alike are unique, however, there is one common goal, and that is to minimize the imposition of fees from outside companies.

Nationwide REO can show you how to position yourself to acquire profitable assets and help you build a solid financial future for you and your family, for years to come.